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After having left school in Year 10 I found it difficult to make ends meet as a single parent so I went back to study Year 12 as a mature aged student.   Since that time, I have obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing (with a sociology major), a Graduate Diploma of Law and a Master of Marketing Communication. 

My interest in community has been life-long, and in many cases, hard-fought.

I have a special admiration for the important role that volunteers and carers play in taking care of those who are sick and vulnerable. My mother died from cancer some years ago and I experienced first hand how hard it is to look after someone you love during this difficult time.  

For many years my sister has cared for her daughter who has a life-threatening chronic illness. I understand the joy and struggles of a life like hers and I am aware of the cost financially and emotionally to families with special needs.

Through these and other experiences, I have encountered many inspirational people whose lives have made them extraordinary. These are the people who have compelled me to explore what I can personally contribute to make Australia a truly great country.

I have been active in several community groups over the years and I am currently on the Board of VOCAL [Victims of Crime Assistance League] ACT as well as the Queanbeyan Council Heritage Committee.   I was one of the founding members of EMPOWER (Eden Monaro People Want
Employment Rights) and I am a board member of the Hepatitis C Council of the ACT.


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