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I have a deep interest in social justice issues and the need for strong financial security. I want to ensure that Australia has a fair industrial relations system and I would like to see increased support for people on pensions, particularly for the aged and people with a disability.

I want to help protect our environment Ė by demanding for better policies on water and strategies for practical renewable energies to help preserve our planet for the future.

I am also concerned about the issues facing our Indigenous people, and I want to help give them a greater voice.

In a global sense, I am disheartened that there is enough food to feed the world yet thousands die each day from starvation and poverty related causes.  I cannot accept that we have the technology to purify water yet millions of people throughout the world donít have access to safe drinking water.  I cannot accept that millions of people die each year because they canít afford basic medication Ė yet multi-national pharmaceutical companies make multi billion dollar profits each year.  I cannot accept that our planet is being destroyed by the pollution of the industrial world, by corporations who focus on profit alone and by governments who have recklessly ignored the warning signs that have been present for years.  I cannot accept that in 2007 we are still killing each other because of religion, greed and intolerance. 


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