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Dear friends,

Recently a petition with around 6,000 signatures condemning same-sex relationships was delivered to the Prime Minister and other politicians by fundamentalist Christians.

The petition is about trying to stop the states and territories allowing same-sex and other unmarried couples being registered by the Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

This way of thinking is winding back the clock to the dark days of religious persecution and discrimination against gay and lesbian people.

By not having equality under the law it sends a message to other Australians there is something wrong with being gay and lesbian.  What is wrong is people are being discriminated against for something they have no control over.

Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people have no more control over their sexuality than red heads have over the colour of their hair.  LGBTI people are as nature made them and what we as a society should scorn is intolerance, persecution and hatred.

We need to change our world and our attitudes – we have come so far with technology and science yet we have progressed so little with the way we treat others who are different.

It is not right that LGBTI people are discriminated against and it is because of bigotry and ignorance that prevents us from doing what is right.

If you believe in justice, fairness and compassion I am asking you to get supporters to fill out the attached petition and send to Hear Our Voice.  Once we have over 6,000 signatures Hear Our Voice will then present the petition to the Prime Minister.

Together we can change our world for the better!

Click here to open the petition form

Please mail your petition form(s) to:

Hear Our Voice

PO Box 1305

Queanbeyan NSW 2620




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