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I am embarking on this journey because I believe too many of our politicians today are not doing the job they were elected to do. I look at so many of them with scepticism, even bewilderment. I wonder if any of them understand what my life, and that of my family and friends, is like.  These career politicians seem so far removed from my world and yours. 

In Australia a person is most likely elected to federal parliament if they belong to a political party.  There are not many independent politicians and the few who are elected are usually well-known Australians.

For someone like me who is not well known and does not belong to a minor or major political party then becoming a politician is a very difficult thing. 

For the past four years I was a member of the Labor Party.  In 2004 I ran for the Queanbeyan Council on the ALP ticket and during the last 18 months I actively campaigned to become the candidate for the seat of Eden-Monaro, NSW. 

During my campaigning I spent a lot of time, effort and money visiting ALP Branches in the electorate to meet members, and I travelled many thousands of kilometres in the process. 

I was the only female pre-selection candidate contesting against three men.

Unfortunately for me, the pre-selection ballot was never held as the ALP imposed Mike Kelly (an ex-Army Colonel) as candidate for Eden-Monaro. 

My disappointment was many fold but particularly because the decision to impose a candidate took away an opportunity for a woman to be elected. 

We need more women in politics women add a very important perspective to the political process and as we make up around half the population it is only fair that we have a more balanced representation.

After the pre-selection was cancelled I seriously considered my future with the ALP.  To now become a politician through the Labor Party I would have to move to another location, which means I would have to leave behind a well-paying job, a home and community I love, as well as my family and friends. 

Even if I moved I would have to go through another pre-selection process in the new location and there are no guarantees I would win.

After much consideration I have decided to leave the ALP and run for a NSW Senate seat in the upcoming federal election. 

I am not leaving the Labor Party with any bitterness.  In fact, I have much to be grateful for.  I met some wonderful people during my time with the ALP people who care enough about the state of the world to get together on a regular basis to discuss policy ideas that are about benefiting people and communities.  These people inspired me and gave me hope for the future!

The way things are in Australia, the best chance I have to get elected is by creating my own political party and get it registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) - by creating a political party and registering it, 'Hear Our Voice' can go above the line on the ballot paper (most people
in Australia vote above the line).

Starting my own political party gives me a greater chance of being elected than if I run as an independent.

If you would like to help get me elected and you think I am someone who would represent your interests and stand-up for your rights, please fill out the membership form attached to the registration page.


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