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Hear Our Voice will work toward building an Australian society which values and nurtures every member of the community irrespective of their background and circumstances.

Hear Our Voice believes in a political system based on honesty and we will help build an Australia that truly respects equality and fairness across all aspects of society.

Hear Our Voice supports a political system that enables all members of society to participate in the political decision making process and policy direction at all levels of Government.

Hear Our Voice encourages all Australians to initiate positive change through the democratic process and we encourage individuals and interest groups to raise debate about issues of concern.

Hear Our Voice acknowledges we do not have all the answers, but we believe in keeping an open mind, exploring all options, consulting with stakeholders and engaging relevant expertise so the best outcomes are achieved for the community.

Hear Our Voice supports policies and initiatives that enhance Australia’s agricultural base, industrial infrastructure, skilled manufacturing base, energy and mining industries, education system, health and medical care, aged care industry and environmental protection programs.

Hear Our Voice believes Australia’s two-party political dominance does not truly represent the interests of all Australians. 

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